480 Millionen urbane Inder

Dharavi’s location and fame make it a powerful example of a much bigger problem. India’s cities are home to over a third of its population, or around 480m people, and are the engines of its growth. Yet the poor conditions in which most city-dwellers live, learn and labour are a blight and significant speed limit. Around half live in slums and a third without a connection to piped water, according to the un. In 2016 a third of India’s urban-dwellers lived more than three to a room. In Dharavi’s hutments, as its slum shacks are called, a dozen people to a tiny room is not uncommon. “To live in a proper home, to have a toilet, it is a matter of dignity,” says Raju Korde, an entrepreneur in Dharavi.


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In China sind es 900 Millionen Menschen, die in Städten leben. In der EU 330 Millionen, in den USA 275 Millionen. (Quelle: Weltbank)