Kapitel 5 – Alles gut?!

128 Jeffrey Sachs: The End of Poverty.

129 Peter Singer: The Drowning Child and the Expanding Circle. 

130 Axel Dreher, Vera Eichenauer, Kai Gehring, Sarah Langlotz, Steffen Lohmann: Does foreign aid affect growth?
William Easterly: Can Foreign Aid Buy Growth?
Nancy Qian: Making Progress on Foreign Aid.
Hristos Doucouliagos: The Politics of International Aid.

131 Raghuram G. Rajan, Arvind Subramanian: Aid, Dutch Disease, and Manufacturing Growth.

132 Simeon Djankov, Jose G. Montalvo, Marta Reynal-Querol: The curse of aid. 

133 Jakob Scensson: Foreign Aid and Rent-Seeking.

134 Daten: Freedom House Reports.

135 Paul Collier: The Bottom Billion. 

136 Paul Glewe, Michael Kremer, Sylvie Moulin: Many Children Left Behind? Textbooks And Test Scores In Kenya. 

137 Diether W. Beuermann, Julian P. Cristia, Yyannu Cruz-Aguayo, Santiago Cueto, Ofer Malamud: Home Computers And Child Outcomes. Short-Term Impacts From A Randomized Experiment in Peru. 

138 Joppe de Ree, Karthik Muralidharan, Menno Pradhan, Halsey Rogers:
Double For Nothing? Experimental Evidence On The Impact Of An Unconditional Teacher Salary Increase On Student Performance In Indonesia.

139 Robert Jensen: The (Perceived) Returns To Education And The Demand For Schooling. 

140 J-PAL: Teaching at the right level to improve learning.

141 David Evans, Michael Kremer, Mũthoni Ngatia: The Impact of Distributing School Uniforms on Children’s Education in Kenya. 

142 Edward Miguel, Michael Kremer: Worms. Identifying Impacts On Education And Health In The Presence Of Treatment Externalities. 

143 Paul Romer: Botox for Development

144 Angaben Außenministerium 23.8.2019, Beiträge Schweden: Gerald
Knaus, ESI

145 Tax Justice Network: Africa subsidises the rest of the world by over $40 billion in one year, according to new research.

146 Der Standard: Schweiz zahlt Nigeria 321 Millionen Dollar von ExDiktator Abaja zurück. 

147 Peter Reuter: Draining Development? Controlling Flows of Illicit Funds from Developing Countries. 

148 Niels Johannesen, Thomas Torslov, Ludvig Wier: Are less developed countries more exposed to multinational tax avoidance? Method and evidence from micro-data

149 Lant Pritchett: Alleviating Global Poverty. Labor Mobility, Direct Assistance, and Economic Growth

150 Vincenzo Bove, Leandro Elia: Migration, Diversity, and Economic

151 Alberto Alesina, Johann Harnoss, Hillel Rapoport: Birthplace Diversity and Economic Prosperity. 

152 Michael A. Clemens: Economics and Emigration. Trillion-Dollar Bills on the Sidewalk?

153 Fréderic Docquier, Hillel Rapoport: Gobalization, Brain Drain und Development. 

154 Rajat Kathuria: The Role of Diaspora in Indian IT. 

155 Hein de Haas: The Migration and Development Pendulum.
A Critical View on Research and Policy

156 Michael Clemens: Think Development in Poor Countries Will Reduce Migration? The Numbers Say Otherwise. 

157 Win-Win für Kosovo und Deutschland. (cimonline.de) + Nachhaltig ausgerichtete Gewinnung von Pflegekräften – Triple Win. (giz.de) + Perspektiven für die Jugend im Kosovo schaffen. (giz.de)

158 Oxfam: Taking A Fresh Approach. An Oxfam Case Study. 

159 Alan Matthews, Luca Salvatici, Margherita Scoppola: Trade Impacts of Agricultural Support in the EU.

160 Austausch per Mail.

161 Daten: Eurostat.